1. Got Me Thinkin

From the recording Got Me Thinkin



Bill Macpherson / Jen Staves

~Love sick song~

Used to be foot loose and fancy free / friends are askin what this boy has done to me / into my life a whirlwind blowing thru the sky /your all I think about oh my my my my / maybe I need therapy or maybe you are the key / to unlock a hole world of fantasy / {chorus} got me all shook up / turned me inside out / filled me to the top / this loves got me thinking / got me all wound up / just can’t get enough / my whole worlds upside down /boy this loves got me thinking / sister called come out with the girls tonight / I would but I‘d be thinking of him all night / she said girl what’s wrong with you / this mans got you in his hold / if you knew what I knew he’d have his hold on you / {chorus} got me thinking / got me thinking / got me thinking / you’ve really sunk your hook in me / your hive’s drippin honey I’m you queen bee /squeeze of lemon in my ice tea/ you’ve sunk my ship come rescue me/got me thinkin / got me thinkin /got me thinking ……….

Vocals ~Jen Staves
Guitar ~ Bill Macpherson
Bass ~ Cecil McBee
Drums ~Danny Campbell
Percussion ~ Jason Hann
Hammond organ and
clavinet ~ John Nau