My Latest Single! "Cant Get Enough" is here! Can't Get Enough is a song about addiction. So many people in my life, including myself, have suffered from the pain and struggles of addiction; all kinds of addiction. Not just from drugs and alcohol, but also food, gambling, sex, shopping worrying, etc. This is my anthem song to you all, that no matter what, there is hope and a way out. You will get thru it, and it will be alright! The talent and time that went into this single is impressive to say the least. Co written with the amazing Ricky Z. who also plays all of the Guitars on this track, Nee Sackey on bass, Billy Steinway on Keys and organ, Danny Campbell on Drums, and Kelly Garver and Kristin Staves on Background Vocals. I am very blessed to be able to work with such Talent! Rob Staves executive Producer and love of my life! Thank you so much for the Love and support ! for booking info please contact