1. jealousy

From the recording jealousy


Bill Macpherson / Jen Staves

~Don’t get possessed by it ~

it’s all around you / its every where / a casual glance / turns to a stare /the attention baby / starts to flair / the satin driven jealousy begins to appear /possessed by jealousy /you’ve got me possessed by jealousy{Repeat} /hey this viscous thing / it’s like a drug /you’ve taken to much baby your feeling strung / all your thoughts keep going back to one / it’s taken over your mind your weak and it’s won /possessed by jealousy / you’ve got me possessed by jealousy / you better run / it consumes you / viscous thoughts do confuse you / before you know its living in you / feeding on your mind as it destroys you / try to fight it take it off / what your thinking is just a façade/everything is pointing to the cause / you’d better run / you better hide / possessed by jealousy / possessed by jealousy You’d better run / You better hide /You’d better run /You better hide /you’ve got me possessed by jealousy {repeat}

Vocals ~Jen Staves
Guitar ~ Bill Macpherson
Bass ~ Cecil McBee
Drums ~Rogerio Jardim
Percussion ~ Jason Hann
Hammond Organ ~ Arlan Schierbaum