From the recording LETS FLY



Bill Macpherson / Jen Staves

~A place where there is no wrong~

I've got something to tell you / I've been down way to long / tired of all these wrong feelings /Got to get away from it all / {chorus} Let’s fly / Way high / Mystic and surreal / In this crazy world we live in / so hard to get along / what is this message that were sending / to all these young minds so strong /{chorus} you say there’s something in you missing /and your mind is full of fears / can’t put you finger on the reason / just got to make it disappear / Everyone has there situations / and there bound to shed some tears / moralize it through your reflection / and lets get the hell out of here /{chorus} (2-times) /What about all the people living in the streets / all the beautiful children dying with disease / What about it / try to fight it /moralize it /what about all the terrorism in this world / All these innocent people dying everywhere / What about it/ try to fight it /moralize it /

Vocals ~Jen Staves
Guitar ~ Bill Macpherson
Bass ~ Cecil McBee
Drums ~Danny Campbell
Percussion ~ Jason
Hammond Organ ~ Arlan Schierbaum