From the recording Whats my destination



Bill Macpherson / Jen Staves

~Some time alone ~

drivin on highway 101 / the sun reflecting on the ocean /full tank of gas its gonna be a long one / diet soda in my hand and a six pack in the trunk / {chorus} what’s my destination / don’t know where I’m going or when I’m coming home / driving on highway 101 / the radio is playing my favorite song /got a bag of peanuts and some spearmint gum / just me, myself and I on highway 101 / {chorus - 3 times} / {chorus – 2 times} / what a sunset / what a day / no destination in mind /what a feeling / what a drive / just me myself and I / drivin on highway 101 /radio is playing my favorite song / 10 miles to go and I am almost home / feel your lovin arms around me baby here I come / {chorus – 3 times} I’m coming home / that’s all I needed was just a little time for me / to be free

Vocals ~Jen Staves
Acoustic and electric
guitar, Guitar synth, Banjo ~ Bill Macpherson
Bass ~ Cecil McBee
Drums Danny Campbell
Percussion ~ Jason Hann
Harmonica ~ Kelly Rucker
Juice harp ~ Adam Lloyd